Vilter Tandem-Compound Corliss Steam Engine and Ammonia Compressor

The Vilter Tandem-Compound Corliss Steam Engine & Ammonia Compressor

The Vilter Engine Number 619231

Manufacturer:            The Vilter Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Year Built:                 1920
Built for:                    United States Glue Company, Carrollville, Wisconsin
Purpose:                    Refrigeration Plant

The Valve Side

    Engine Type:         Tandem Compound
    Horsepower:          250
    Valve Type:           Corliss Valves on High and Low Pressure Cylinders
    Cylinder Size:
        High Pressure:    12″ Bore  X  36″ Stroke
        Low Pressure:    22″ Bore  X  36″ Stroke

Compressor Side

Refrigeration Compressor:
    Drive:                        Direct, Common Crankshaft with Engine
    Compressor Capacity: 89 Tons, (1,068,000 Btu’s),  (313 Kw)
    Compressor Size:       14″ Bore  X  28″ Stroke
    Refrigerant type:        Ammonia, (R-717),  (NH3)

Engine Crank

    Cylinders:                7 1/2 Tons
    Flywheel:                 8 Tons
    Crankshaft:              2 Tons
    Compressor:            14 1/2 Tons
    Engine Frame:          8 Tons
        Total Weight:               40 Tons

Crank- Compressor Side

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The Engine was last run in the early 1970’s. Thanks to Jim Walgreen for this generous donation.

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