Working on a Steam Engine at Sycamore Steam Show

FAQ about the Steam Show

Can I bring my Golf Cart?

No. Golf carts and other off road vehicles are not allowed. 

Single person handicapped wheelchairs and scooters are welcomed!

Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not allowed on the showgrounds. 

Why are the Steam Engines driving backward through the parade?

All the engines and tractors are assigned a number that identifies who and what they are to the person announcing them. The myth is, that someone posted the number on the wrong side fo their engine, and they simply drove backwards for the speaker to still be able to read it.

The truth is it is just kinda fun.

Why do Steam Engines drive so slowly?

Well, for one, they are extremely heavy. They cannot go any faster than 2.5 miles per hour or they will literally fall apart. These machines were also designed to take on strenuous amounts of work and therefore they were not designed for speed.

Why do all the engines whistle at noon?

They are making sure you know it is time for lunch!
Historically, the farmers were spread throughout the fields, and the loud engine whistle could call them all back for lunch.

What does two short whistles mean?

Two short whistles which means the belt is about to start, or engineers will also use this at the show to alert the people around them that they are about to move the engine.

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