The Kewanee Stationary Boiler

The Kewanee Stationary Boiler powers the Vilter engine and other Stationary equipment at the show grounds.


Manufacturer:    Kewanee Boiler Company,  Kewanee, Illinois.
Year Built:         1952
Built for:            Casad Army Engineer’s Depot at New Haven, Indiana
Type:                Fire Tube, HRT (Horizontal Return Tube), Locomotive type firebox boiler.
Firing method:    Coal,  by hand
Length overall:   17′ 7 1/2″

    Diameter:                 78″
    Longitudinal Seam:   Quadruple riveted butt joint with a design efficiency of  94.1%.
    Plate thickness:        .625  When built. Thinnest spot found by ultrasonic inspection in 1999 was .610.

    Direct fire tubes: 101,  6′ 11 3/8″ Long
    Return tubes:      88  15′ 91/2″ Long
    Tube Diameter:    3″

Total heating surface:         1786 square feet.

Theoretical Burst Pressure:  635 P.S.I. With a safety factor of 5 this boiler when new had a
                                                          maximum allowable working pressure of 125 P.S.I.
Current Working Pressure:  The State of Illinois allows us 120 P.S.I.

Total Weight:     Approximately 31,000 pounds.

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